Official First Call for Papers

First Call For Papers
The Organizing Committee of the Chemistry Department at İzmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH) is honored to announce its hosting of the 8th Aegean Analytical Chemistry Days conference from September 16-20, 2012 on the IZTECH campus in İzmir,Turkey.

About the Conference and Topics:
As reflected in its name, this biennial conference is geographically centered about the Aegean Sea with conferences being held alternately in Turkey and Greece. Since the first meeting of this conference in İzmir, Turkey in 1998, the purpose of the conference has been to establish a place where the importance of analytical chemistry for a large number of fields can be communicated and links can be established among practitioners of analytical chemistry with the aim of developing novel research ideas. A representative list of the types of topics applicable to the conference is as follows:

Atomic Spectrometry
Molecular Spectrometry
Mass Spectrometry
Chromatography and Separation Techniques
Electroanalytical Techniques
Surface Characterization Techniques
Automated Methods of Analysis
Chemical and Biological Sensors
Sample Preparation
Extraction Techniques
Speciation Analysis Chemometrics
Analytical Chemistry & Materials Science
Quality Control/Assurance & Chemical Metrology
Analytical Chemistry & Nanoscience/Technology
Applications of Analytical Chemistry
 (e.g. Environmental Analysis, Food Analysis, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Biochemical and Clinical Analysis, Archaeometry, etc.)

About Izmir, Turkey and IZTECH
Surrounded by a series of scenic mountains, İzmir, located on the west coast of Turkey, contains reflections of the past while at the same time representing the future; one can find historical bazaars and modern shops, a western atmosphere among eastern traditions, and historical sites like Ephesus within a two hours drive of a thriving metropolis. Established in 1992 with its campus opened in 1998 approximately 30 minutes south of İzmir on the beautiful coastline at the base of the Karaburun Peninsula, IZTECH is one of the two scientific institutes in Turkey offering both graduate and undergraduate programs which are conducted exclusively in English.
We cordially invite all those interested in attending the conference to submit an abstract for consideration. Deadline for abstract submission is July 6, 2012.
If you have further questions, please visit our website at  or contact us at .


Prof. Dr. Ahmet Eroğlu
Organizing Committee Chair